War Memorial Relocation Consultation

Community Payback Could Have a Place of Their Own

At the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Public Meeting held on Thursday, it was discussed that a housing developer could be building a small community room on the site of St John’s Church in Goldenhill, so that Community Payback workers would be able to have a base of their own to work from.

This would […]

Falling Congregation Forces a Goldenhill Church to Close

St John’s Church on the village High Street in Goldenhill is to close due to a dwindling congregation.

St John's Church, High Street, Goldenhill

The Anglican Church towers above the Potteries at Stoke on Trent’s highest point and at a public meeting last week it was agreed that it is impossible to […]

Revisiting “The Good old Days” from 1830s Goldenhill

David Wood has forwarded the following article from 1830s Goldenhill and he hopes people will enjoy reading it as much as he has enjoyed researching it.

Starting at 1834 there were 2 Coal Masters, John Henry Clive and Robert Williamson who were actually colliery owners and I suppose, major employers.

Mr. J. Collinson and William […]