Gypsies are back “one year on”

One year on virtually to the day and the gypsies are back on the same plot of land next to the cricket club at Sandyford.

When the gypsies were evicted last year, the land was cordoned off with barriers leading onto the land to stop this happening again.

Residents have reported that this time the fencing on James Brindley Way, Sandyford has been sawn out to make way for the seven caravans and six vehicles to enter the area.

Further comments have reported rubbish and other waste products are now being disposed of in the area, which is making it unpleasant for all to see.

Residents use the area for local walks including Walk 2 Fitness, which is run by S.A.G.E. and other locals who wish to walk their dogs across the public footpaths. This unfortunately is preventing people from using the area due to intimidation of gypsies and the excessive amount of dogs, which are now on private land.

Martin Garner Goldenhill & Sandyford Ward Councillor has informed S.A.G.E. that he is addressing the issue of having the gypsies moved on but unfortunately, the land is private, which means he has to contact the landowners via the City Council to start proceedings to have them evicted.

For more media information on the topic, follow the link

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