Gypsies Move onto Sandyford Fire Station

It was reported that a family of gypsies have moved onto Sandyford Fire Station at around 6.00 p.m. tonight.

The family who entered the fire station’s land at the rear of the building moved on with a campervan, car and caravan.

It was said that the vehicles moved further into the car park by setting […]

Travellers Back On James Brindley Way

Visiting Travellers on James Brindley Way, Sandyford

Travellers have regained access to land on James Brindley Way in Sandyford.

Again, this land is proving to be easy access for visiting Travellers to set up camp on spare land, which offers ample space for a number of vehicles.

Four caravans and four trucks have […]

Gypsy Travellers set up residence in Fawfield Drive

A small group of gypsy travellers have set up residence at the entrance to Fawfield Drive in Goldenhill.

It has been reported that there is a caravan, which is parked on the grass verge as well as there being three vans and a 4 x 4 vehicle.

Councillor Martin Garner who visited the area yesterday […]

Land Secured as Gypsies Move On

As gypsies moved off land near to Sandyford Cricket Club on Saturday 21st May, Councillor Martin Garner reported to S.A.G.E. that the fencing is now repaired.

Councillor Garner said that his concerns along with S.A.G.E. was that if the area is left open to access then the situation could be made even easier for the […]

Gypsies are back “one year on”

One year on virtually to the day and the gypsies are back on the same plot of land next to the cricket club at Sandyford.

When the gypsies were evicted last year, the land was cordoned off with barriers leading onto the land to stop this happening again.

Residents have reported that this time the […]