Plans to landscape neighbouring Keele Golf Centre

Neighbours fear plans to improve a golf course will leave them with a rubbish tip on their doorsteps.

Plans have been submitted to landscape the nine-hole course at Keele Golf Centre which is described as ‘featureless’ by current owner Jack Barker’s Golf Company.

But the application submitted to Newcastle Borough Council says that there would not be enough soil taken from the dips created on the site to make the associated peaks and it will use imported materials.

Residents fear that building rubble would be tipped on to the site and are uneasy about the number of lorries which will need to travel along Keele Road to make the deliveries.

They are now hoping that the council will refuse the application.

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1 comment to Plans to landscape neighbouring Keele Golf Centre

  • Lynn Dunning

    Keele just need to visit the Goldenhill Golf site in Mobberley Road to see the devestation caused by Jack Barkers so call landscaping, if there members just want a pitch n put surrounded with 6ft high banks then give him planning permission, but be prepared for all the complaints from residents about noise, dust etc and the fact that history may repeat itself and once he has made thousands from this tipping,then they may well do as has had to be done at Goldenhill which is reclaim the course due to non payment of rent.

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