Sandyford Respect Day

S.A.G.E. has been involved with the City Council’s Safer Cities Partnership, Staffordshire Police and Councilor Martin Garner in regards to a “Respect Day” for Sandyford.

The reasson for having a “Respect Day” was suggested by the authorities because of the trouble the Ridge Road Estate people have suffered throughout recent years by having it’s fair share of antisocial behaviour.

The “Respect Day” is to take place on Monday 12th December, which will cover all streets around the Ridge Road Estate.

The reason for the day is to show support to the local community in Sandyford as well as having the presence of the council, police and extra support from fire fighters.

Activities being mentioned for the respect day are,

  • Police media van in the area, local Authority PCSOs on patrol, supplementing local Police officers
  • Environment Team will be out in force, tidying the area up, litter picking, street cleaning etc (McDonald’s are helping with litter picking on the day)
  • Hedge cutting on the Ridge Road Estate park

S.A.G.E. along with Councillor Martin Garner believe that this is a good way to support local residents who need pressence and evidence from the local authorities to show that they care about the people who have suffered from antisocial activities for some time.

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