Sandyford & Goldenhill “Good Time Stories”

1967 Sweet & Grocery Store, 871 High Street, Goldenhill

Can anyone out there share some good time community stories, which have happened to them in the past or even more recently in the Goldenhill and Sandyford areas.

Sharing some of these stories on the website might be useful to helping S.A.G.E. bring back some past events to the reality of the 21st century.

Residents are invited to share any of their memories with us, no matter how small they are.

To the right is a picture of a sweet and grocery store going back to 1967 where eating too many sweets never seemed to be a health problem.

4 comments to Sandyford & Goldenhill “Good Time Stories”

  • David Wood

    The shop in the picture was owned by the Bossons family, next door, on the right, was the Goldenhill Working Men’s Club, and on the immediate left was a small cottage occupied by the Poole sisters.
    The club steward was, if I remember correctly, Mr Dutton, he was a regular figure in the High Street wearing his “uniform” buff coloured jacket.
    Next door to the cottage was the village police station.
    When the shop was demolished in the 60s, Mr and Mrs Bossons moved to the new houses which were built opposite the Dog and Partridge, now McDonalds.
    David Wood

  • Cliff Bosson

    Hi David, My mums shop at 871 High St was initally a grocers shop which ended up selling many things including sweets. I can remember her buying vegatables direct from the farmers. When super markets became popular it was difficult to compete with them. I can remember being given 20 pounds (a lot of money in the late 1950s) and going to Tunstall to buy a number of different jars of pickles. When I came to the checkout with a trolley full of pickles I was asked what I was going to do with them, I made up a story that we were having a cheese and pickle party (the price of pickles at the supermarket was less than my Mum could buy them from her wholesaler).
    An old lady named Sally lived in the cottage next to us. The Poole sisters had the sweet shop next to the cottage and the police station.
    I havea photo of my dad inside the shop if you are interested in it.
    Recently I came across a web site belonging to David Scragg. It contains photos of graves in the Summerbank cemetry which inludes some of my ansestors. A couple of the graves of my ansestors are in an area which is nolonger maintained but at least there is a record of them on David’s web site.

  • David Wood

    Hi Cliff, nice to hear from you again, I think you are our first contact from Australia, Tom, the administrator who runs the site will be pleased.
    I had forgotten that the Poole sisters had the little shop, I just remember them living there.
    I think we used to buy our frozen Jubblys from your mum’s shop, threepence each and they lasted for ever.
    I have seen Derek’s memorial inscriptions for Goldenhill and Kidsgrove, thay are very well done, he is very thorough.
    I have put my research internet address on your facebook page so that you can send me any photos etc and I will pass them on to Tom.
    Dave Wood

  • Brian Pope

    Anyone remember the “wars” between the goldenhillers and the chellers?

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