Putting Tunstall back in Business

Tunstall’s Chamber of Trade are putting proposals forward to try and improve trade in Stoke on Trent’s most northerly town.

Within these proposals are some suggestions for improving the road network and included in this is the KFC roundabout at Sandyford.

The ideas which the Tunstall Chamber of Trade are making is to try and push the people back into the town of Tunstall and if anyone has any suggestions then please report it on either this website, My Tunstall or contact the Tunstall Chamber of Trade directly.

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3 comments to Putting Tunstall back in Business

  • Thanks Tom, in your opinion would these changes make traffic flow worse or better through Sandyford from the roundabout. Does more work need to be done further up the high street, or is it just down to sheer numbers?

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Matt,
    Truthfully, I believe it is the amount of traffic using the area, Sandyford is now becoming an area of importance itself with having the H.Q. of Churchill China there, the new Sandyford Community Fire Station and with Wickes taking over the old Focus and believing that it is worth investing in the area.
    I dont know what the answer is, thats unusual for me!

  • If Tunstall link ever takes off as well, we could really see something happening here. To be honest with the Tunstall bypass, our area would actually be better suited for the Morrisons site over the old Johnshons Tiles site, but I guess it’s all down to the cost of the land.

    Churchill are going from strength to strength and are a global player in every sense of the word.

    I just wish the top end now looked a bit better, around the co-op it looks a bit of a war zone.

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