A Future for Goldenhill Golf Course

Interest is being shown by investors who want to take on the previously run golf course at Goldenhill.

Tom Simpson, Secretary of the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.) said that the Sentinel approached him in regards to his and S.A.G.E.s views on what is happening to the golf course at Mobberley Road.

A lot of concerns raised by S.A.G.E. is the damage, which vandals are cousing to the area, including the old club house on the site.

Further concerns raised by S.A.G.E. is that the golf course is not turned into a site for further housing in the area and that it is kept for green space, whether it stays as a golf course or is used for a mixture of allotments and open space walking.

Whatever the situation the Secretary of S.A.G.E. said that we do not want the golf course used for landfill again, especially when local residents suffered months into years of mud being dispatched into their homes in the Winter to dust blowing into their properties in the Summer from lorries, which regularly used the busy A50.

Councillor Martin Garner since being elected to office has supported both local residents and S.A.G.E. in an attempt to address the problem of getting the golf course up and running again.

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1 comment to A Future for Goldenhill Golf Course

  • Carl Ziemann

    Id love to be involved in getting it up & running as a golf course, there is i believe a market in the industry that the course can be geared towards, the course itself can be used once some initial tlc has been given, however the range needs some attention & it would need to be improved commercially in order for a sustainable business to be maintained during the notorious winter months when the course is often water logged.

    However in my opinion i believe it can be revived and as a resident of the area i would like to see it maintained as a golf course.

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