Regenerating your “High Street”

Julian Read, Burslem & Tunstall Regeneration & Town Centre Manager from Stoke on Trent City Council will be attending the S.A.G.E. Public General Meeting on Thursday 19th January 2012 at Goldenhill Community Hall/Centre at 7.30 p.m.

735 - 741 High Street, Goldenhill back in 1967

The purpose of Mr Read’s attendance at the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Meeting is to try and discuss with its inhabitants a way forward to try and regenerate the once vibrant High Street in Goldenhill.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting so that we can use this opportunity to try and put back some of the heart that is missing in a Goldenhill that deserves a much better future.

S.A.G.E. looks forward to seeing you there on Thursday.

4 comments to Regenerating your “High Street”

  • David Wood

    I know that I don’t live in the area now, so before someone tells me to mind my own business I’ll say this.
    How can you talk about regenerating the High Street if the Community Centre is going to close.
    I think back to my childhood and adolescence and remember what a wonderful community spirit there was in the village back then.
    Community is the operative word, take away the community “centre” and what is there left to commune with.
    You may know that I have written quite a few articles about the history of the village, if you are in any doubt about it’s future needs, read the articles and then support the campaign to keep the centre open.
    David Wood

  • Tom Simpson

    The worry with any building is that when the community take e.g. a community centre over is them two little words “asset transfer”
    When volunteers run a project like this and have full responsibility, it is then when ordinary people like me and you who are left responsible with a buildings upkeep, including the running costs and if it goes belly up then the volunteers are left holding the baby.
    Whoever runs these buildings must have the council to fall back on, volunteers don’t mind helping to run a community centre and they would probably succeed in doing it, but no individual wants to lose it all.
    I am sure that S.A.G.E. would support anyone in their plight to save Goldenhill community centre whether it is volunteers or the City Council.

  • We must not let the Council close OUR Community Centre in Goldenhill, so we need to use this facility as much as possible to let the Council know how much we need this centre, you all know the saying'”Use it or lose it!!” There is lots going on already, if you don’t already go to the following activities, come on give them a try, you will be most welcome and meet and make many new friends.
    Monday evening 7 pm is the slimmers group, who apart from weighing in take part in many other fund raising activities and have raised many thousands of pounds for local charities, they enjoy a good social evening and are very very friendly and would welcome more new members.
    Tuesday morning is the mothers and toddlers group, who also will make any new mother and child very welcome
    Wednesday afternoon 2 till 4 is the Out and About Group, come and have a chat, enjoy a cup of tea with new friends, have a game of bingo if you wish, and come on the trips out
    Wednesday 5.45 to 6.30 is the Zumba fitness .This is a fun way to exercise to great music at your own pace and to meet new people
    Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings are modern and sequence dancing, the bar is open, come along you will have a great night
    Friday evenings is bingo, great prizes, lovely people having a great social time, tea/coffee available, and again the bar is open
    The Community Hall is also available to hire for Wedding receptions, birthdays, parties, funerals at very good rates
    So to all residents of Sandyford and Goldenhill, please come along and support us to stop YOUR Community Centre from closing, thanks to you all Dorothy

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