Supporting Independent Living

Home Support Solutions is a new and exciting not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing practical support for people within their own homes.

If you or someone that you know from time-to-time struggles with general everyday tasks, Home Support Solutions may be able to provide an enabling alternative to standard packages offered by large providers.

Our unique approach focuses on a tailor made package specifically aimed at promoting independence. Our highly  trained Support Workers have the patience, understanding and enthusiasm to assist and encourage people to live independently within their own homes.

We are more than willing to assist with.. Household tasks, Garden Maintenance, Preparing and cooking meals, Arranging social visits, Providing companionship and much more.

Recruiting from within your local area allows our Support Team to have an active involvement with local events, reduces the need for travel and develops a sense of community spirit.

Home Support Solutions is here to listen and ready to provide that helping hand.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss then please call for a friendly chat. 01782 337874

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