Was anyone ever taught by May Eplett at Goldenhill school?

This is an interesting article that was sent to the local memories section of the website by Lizzie Richards and goes back to the 1930’s.

If anyone has any stories or memories, which they could add to Lizzies request for more information then please do so.

Lizzie says,

Hi Everyone,

I was facinated to find this site because both my mother’s parents were born and brought up in Goldenhill, although they moved away in the 1930’s.

St John's Church, Goldenhill

However my Great Aunt May Eplett was headmistress at one of the primary schools in Goldenhill (I think it was attached to St john’s church) and I remember visiting her there on several occassions during the 1960’s just before she retired.

I would love to hear any stories or memories that anyone has of her or “The Collinsons” who were my Maternal Great grandmothers family.

I would also be interested if anyone could tell me anything about a small chapel near Acres Nook, my great great great grandfather, Edward Eplett is apparently buried there – I recently visited the area but could find no trace of any chapel, so any information as to where it is or what happened to it would be of interest.

David Wood our Goldenhill & Sandyford Historian responds to Lizzie as follows.

Hello Lizzie, my name is David wood and I have written a few articles about Goldenhill and Sandyford.

I have attached some links showing the old Latebrook Baptist Chapel which is on Broadfield Road, it has been used as aarm store for many years now.

As far as I know, no one is buried in the back garden of the chapel, also the place was only built in 1870 and closed for worship in 1956.

My family worshipped there until the day it closed and my sister and I were dedicated (named/Christened ) there, also there was a baptism well in there when it was in use as a chapel, to my knowledge apart from the old mission in Linehouses , there aren’t any more chapels around there.

The article in which I have mentioned your family, I have spelled it as EPTLETT, which is in the old trade directories.

Further, a few weeks ago someone wrote to this site saying that it was the correct spelling even though most people referred to the sisters as EPLETT, I have looked everywhere for that post but cannot find it.

I didn’t attend Church Infants, I went to the infants at the senior school but I knew of them, see what you think of this and reply if you wish, always happy to help.

David Wood


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