Behind the Shop Counter “what was it like”

In the picture to the right is Cliff’ Bosson’s father behind the counter in his mums shop at 871 High Street, Goldenhill, which was a Sweet & Grocery Store.

On the right of the photo are the scales with sweet jars in front of them, Cliff thinks there is cheese under the glass counter with possibly a small adding machine on the extreme right.

In the large glass shelves on the left of the counter were cakes and behind Cliff’s father at elbow height were shelves for fruit.

On the higher shelves were tins of fruit, vegetables, jars of jams, etc and it looks as though there is a price list for Hartleys jams hanging from the shelf.

Under the fruit shelves were boxes, in particular there were boxes of biscuits, which were sold loose and put in brown paper bags.

Cliff now lives in Australia and how nice it is for the S.A.G.E. website to have a visitor from so far away who used to live in Goldenhill.

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