1950’s Shops “in a pickle”

Cliff Bosson’s mums shop was at 871 High St Goldenhill, it was initally a grocers shop which ended up selling many things including sweets and he can remember her buying vegatables direct from the farmers.

871 High Street, Goldenhill, Sweet & Grocery Store

Cliff goes onto say that when supermarkets became popular it was difficult to compete with them, he can remember being given 20 pounds (a lot of money in the late 1950s) and going to Tunstall to buy a number of different jars of pickles and when he came to the checkout with a trolley full of pickles he was asked what he was going to do with them. Cliff added that he made up a story that they were having a cheese and pickle party (the price of pickles at the supermarket was less than his Mum could buy them from her wholesalers).

For more on this story, go to the local memories tab and search for Sandyford & Goldenhill “Good Time Stories”

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