Goldenhill’s All Saint’s “Tin Church”

David’ story this time talks about how a local church was a big part of community life, especially for the young people who lived in Goldenhill in the 1950’s and 60’s.

David says, the All Saint’s Church in Rodgers Street, usually referred to as the Tin Church then, was a regular meeting place on a Saturday night for the dances organised and supervised by Mrs Prior.

Non Conformist Chapel, pictured in Rodgers Street, Goldenhill in 1967

If you wanted a particular song playing on the record player, all you had to do was bring the record along yourself, no booze, no fights, all good fun.

Mr Deakin used to organise the youth club in the junior school hall one evening a week in the early sixties.

We had records, table tennis, card games and about once a month a live group comprised of 4 local lads on drums and guitars actually playing some of the latest hits, I would say that this was the height of cool then, once again, no booze and no fights.

I can remember being in the youth club at the time of the Cuban missile crisis and being absolutely convinced that the Americans and Russians were going to blow us all to bits.

Until next time you can still read more of David’s stories through the local memories tab at the top of the page.

4 comments to Goldenhill’s All Saint’s “Tin Church”

  • Sallyann mckeown

    I’m looking to have my son christenen, towards the end of November 2014 on a Sunday if u have any slots please could u contact me either by mail or telephone 01782 777326. Kind regards Sallyann Mckeown

  • David

    Hi Sallyann, I think you ned to contact the church direct. There may be a notice board with a phone number on. David.

  • Mrs Kathleen Bradbury

    Do you know if records of christenings from 1997 are kept anywhere.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi,unfortunately not, but if you would like to e-mail by the “contact us” on our web page, then I can put you in touch with the Methodist Church who may be able to help you.
    Many thanks.

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