New Venture for S.A.G.E. Vice Chair

Steve Shaw, Sandyford & Goldenhil Residents Association Vice Chair has taken a new look at life since leaving his taxi driver role earlier in the year.

Steve who has been with S.A.G.E. volunteering on the residents committee since 2010 has decided to look at a more decorative life in the gardens of Stoke on Trent by hoping that people will be purchasing some of his hand made wooden garden ornaments, which are crafted to a very high standard.

The S.A.G.E. Vice Chairman has told the website that he believes a more natural effect of ornaments made with treated wood gives that accepted look to any garden, especially when giving buyers the chance to choose from a wide selection of stock or being able to design their own garden furniture and ornaments.

Since Steve joined the residents association, he has always wanted to improve the area and in his own words he says “improving the look of gardens has always been important to me because it makes the place look cared for”.

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