Rubbish at Recycling

In a north/south divide of Stoke on Trent, it is surprising to find out that equal amounts of residents in the two areas of the Potteries have different success rates when recycling waste.

Unfortunately, residents who live in the north divide of the city can only recycle 37.62% of its waste whereas residents in the south divide of Stoke on Trent recycle 51.98%.

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.) obtained figures from Stoke on Trent City Council’s Environmental & Waste Services Department and it appears that this has been the trend for a number of years.

The City Council is unable to give any particular reason to why there is such a difference in recycling waste between the two areas of Stoke on Trent and if anyone out there could throw some light onto why this is, then we are sure the City Council would be just as interested to find out the reason why as we are.

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