Playgrounds of the 1950’s & 60’s

David Wood starts his story this time by talking about the playground at the top of Goldenhill, where you can see over to the Cheshire Plains.

Playground at the top of Goldenhill Village since the 1950's

David goes onto say,

The playground which is still at the top of the village, now there was a place that could entertain children of all ages.

There were swings, baby swings, a roundabout, a seesaw, a giant Chinese swing, a sandpit, rocking horse and a slide that seemed about 30 feet off the ground but in reality was probably only 10 feet high.

Health and safety hadn’t been invented then, but I can remember two quite serious accidents involving the Chinese swing and the seesaw.

The Chinese swing was eventually made so that it wouldn’t move.

There was a wooden hut which was replaced eventually by a brick building, to house the park keeper.

He ruled with total authority and if you didn’t behave yourself you were banned for life.

Can anyone remember and let us know what other playground equipment there used be in the 1950’s & 60’s or even before that, I am sure it will make interesting reading.

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