1955 Goldenhill High Street

High Street, Goldenhill back in 1955

Councillor Martin Garner has forwarded a photograph showing High Street, Goldenhill taken in 1955 outside St John’s Church looking towards Kidsgrove.

The question we are all asking, who is the policeman in the photograph? Could it be Joe Smith, who is the Chairman of the Sandyford and […]

Playgrounds of the 1950’s & 60’s

David Wood starts his story this time by talking about the playground at the top of Goldenhill, where you can see over to the Cheshire Plains.

Playground at the top of Goldenhill Village since the 1950's

David goes onto say,

The playground which is still at the top of the village, now there […]

When 1950s Playtime Needed a Ball, a Couple of Jackets, a Rope & a Piece of Chalk

David Wood’s story this week starts with a ball, a couple of jackets, a rope & a piece of chalk and that was all that was needed for 1950s children to have a good time, how things have changed.

David goes onto say, we played football and cricket in any open space we could find, […]

1950’s Heathside Lane, Goldenhill

Continuing with David Wood’s stories of the High Street in Goldenhill, we can start at Heathside Lane where at the back of the Red Lion they had a really good bowling green and further down was the British Legion club.

Garage stores from Heathside Lane in 1967

The Goldenhill Secondary Modern School was […]

School Days in 1950s Goldenhill

David Wood takes us through a history lesson of what it was like to be a pupil in 1950s Goldenhill.

David says in his own words, My education began in 1950 when I was 4 years old. It was the nursery class in Heathside Lane and the building is still standing. At that time the […]