City Council’s Chief Executive Visits Goldenhill

Elgood Lane community car park, Goldenhill

John van de Laarschot, Stoke on Trent City Council Chief Executive visited Goldenhill on Wednesday 12.09.12 for a short visit where he met with Councillor Martin Garner, the Local Matters Team & Joe Smith & Tom Simpson from the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association.

The meeting took place at the community car park on Elgood Lane where they discussed the state of the ground at the car park since it has been partially tarmacked by the Highways Dep’t when resurfacing the road.

The Chief Executive agreed that the car park does look a mess from the High Street and agreed to try and address the problem by speaking to the relevant people.

Land where the Lord Nelson Public House once stood

S.A.G.E. believe that by the Highways Dep’t part tarmacking the ground for free has done a favour in regards to possibly getting the contractor back to finish off the work they started.

Mr van de Laarschot was also updated on employment opportunities for local people by Heathside House offering new jobs at the Home, and he was shown where the Nelson Public House used to be and the derelict school next to the church in respect to ideas and suggestions from him on how to improve the area.

It appeared that Mr van de Laarschot was impressed with the positive vibes that he heard from everyone who met with him on his visit to Goldenhill & Sandyford.

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