Goldenhill Scouts Help Local Pensioners

Goldenhill and Tunstall Scouts are helping pensioners in Albany Street, Goldenhill to have their front gardens spruced up.

The project is to take place on Saturday 21st June between 9.30 a.m. & 11.30 a.m. where the Scouts, Cubs & Beavers are to clean board panels under windows, sweeping pathways […]

Goldenhill Digs Hard to keep it’s Mining Past

It was reported at the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Public Meeting last week that it wanted to celebrate Goldenhill’s mining past.

It was suggested by the S.A.G.E. committee at it’s meeting that it was looking at having a sculpture put up in the area that would depict Goldenhill as it was for many year’s a […]

City Council’s Chief Executive Visits Goldenhill

Elgood Lane community car park, Goldenhill

John van de Laarschot, Stoke on Trent City Council Chief Executive visited Goldenhill on Wednesday 12.09.12 for a short visit where he met with Councillor Martin Garner, the Local Matters Team & Joe Smith & Tom Simpson from the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association.

The meeting took […]

New Powers to PCSO’s in Sandyford & Goldenhill

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) in Staffordshire, which includes Sandyford & Goldenhill have new powers to help them deal with everyday policing issues.

Some of the PCSO’s new powers will enable them to seize drugs and alcohol, detain suspects, search for alcohol and tobacco, issue fixed penalty notices for disorder offences and disperse groups and […]

When Children & Choirs Walked the Streets of Goldenhill

David Wood’s Story comes to an end in Christmas 2011 with children and choirs walking through the streets from the Methodist Chapel in 1950s Goldenhill.

David’s story goes like this,

Methodist Church in Alice Street (to left) and fronting on Andrew Street

Every year on the first Sunday in June the Methodist chapel […]