Redevelopment – Old Church School

Paul Squire from Landstone Homes (Birmingham) attended the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Committee Meeting earlier in the month in regards to the redevelopment of the old Church School on Goldenhill’s High Street.

Paul Squire said, the site is losing money and that is why he is asking S.A.G.E. & Councillor Martin Garner to give their input in respect to its further development.

Mr Squire reported that the site has planning permission for six flats to be built and he is looking at renewing it.

It was reported at the meeting that U.K. Banks are not being supportive in regards to property investment, although the Indian Banking network are being more helpful with financial backing.

Councillor Garner and the S.A.G.E. committee supported the idea to have new flats built on the site and agreed that it would hopefully resolve the problem of antisocial behaviour in the area.

Landstone Homes have also agreed to honour a previous agreement with S.A.G.E.  to build a community room on site, subject to the rebuild so that Community Payback Workers are able to use the facility for toilet, eating and storage when maintaining the Churchyard and other community working.

What are your thoughts on the proposed redevelopment and community working in the area?

2 comments to Redevelopment – Old Church School

  • david

    Admittedley the site is an eyesore and something should be done with it.
    If you look at it through the eyes of a stranger, that site, the other side of Elgood Lane and the Nelson site really spoil the look of of the village.
    I’m sure that six properly designed flats would be an asset to the area and would certainly look better than the present site.
    As we’ve said before, Goldenhill is the gateway to the Potteries and should present a good impression to anyone passing through.
    As far as providing a community room with eating and toilet facilities goes, I would insist on that being part of the package, after all how much room would that take as part of the whole scheme?
    It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of the workers are, everyone deserves a comfort break in decent surroundings.
    David Wood

  • Tom Simpson

    Thanks for your comment David, it would be quite an achievement for S.A.G.E. if we could get Community Payback Workers to have a base in Goldenhill & Sandyford, look what we could achieve to better the area.

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