P.C. Glyn Talbot Moves to Pastures New

P.C. Glyn Talbot has asked the S.A.G.E. website to say a fond farewell to the residents of Sandyford and Goldenhill.

14 years is a long time for any policeman to work in a particular area and his comments show just how much he has enjoyed being apart of the community, which he has patrolled for many years.

Glyn goes onto say, just a quick note to say thanks for all the support of everyone over the years. I’ve always said that the Police cannot be everywhere at once, and its thanks to residents, and residents groups like S.A.G.E. getting involved and calling the Police that helps us drive crime down.
It was thanks to vigilant residents that several local criminals are now behind bars – the man jailed for stealing from cars on Bankeyfields, the countless ASBO’s issued, the shed break ins, and thefts from gardens, the suspects for these all convicted thanks to calls from residents.
I’ve also seen the residents group grow, and SAGE gaining more and more recognition in he area. The work on the Elgood Lane car park, the summer fun days, local walks and fund raising activities  –  all have helped pull a community closer together.
I’m taking a sideways move over to Youth Offending, after being at Tunstall for 14 years, 12 spent as a neighbourhood officer in Goldenhill and Sandyford. It is sad to go, but I feel that over the years I’ve had a positive impact and helped the community to be a safer place to call home.
My place is being filled by PC Ben Broughton, who knows the area, and will fit in straight away. I’ve worked with Ben for the last 18 months, and I know he is as helpful and approachable as me – but like me he also has trouble with Twitter! Ben will be working alongside Andy and Michael, who will continue with the sterling work they’ve always done in our community.
Thanks again, and if you need to contact me about anything, I’m still contactable via the switchboard, email, twitter etc.
All the very best.

Residents of Sandyford & Goldenhill and the S.A.G.E. committee wish Glyn all the very best for the future.

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