New Plans for Derelict School Site

The redevelopment of the Old Church School on Goldenhill’s High Street has been a topic of conversation for some time, especially with the building being left open to vandalism and its eyesore appearance.

Paul Squire from Landstone Homes came to see the S.A.G.E. committee and Councillor Martin Garner last month to see what ideas or suggestions they had to redevelop the plot.

The general consensus of opinion at the committee meeting was that the original idea to have six flats there would still be the best option.

The reason for going with this idea is because the flats would hopefully deter vandalism in the area and it is possible after communication with Landstone Homes that if the building was demolished and rebuilt that it would still look similar in structure.

2 comments to New Plans for Derelict School Site

  • David Wood

    Would it be possible to have a look inside the old school building before they knock it down do you think?
    A couple of us would like to arrange a visit with a view to taking photos.

  • Tom

    Hi David,
    The question can be asked but the building is so unsafe through vandalism and fire that I am sure it would be a big risk for the developer to sanction it.

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