Contractor Comes Good Over Car Park Repair

It has been reported that a contractor left tarmac remains on a community car park in Goldenhill after resurfacing the High Street in Sandyford.

Council Officers at the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.) Public Meeting last week said that the contractor is going to make a contribution to rectifying the problem.

The Chairman & Secretary of S.A.G.E. along with Councillor Martin Garner met up with council officials, and after the meeting the council negotiated with the contractor who has agreed that they want to help to put the situation right.

It is anticipated that by making the car park smaller and having a reasonable contribution made by the contractor that the cost for improving the facility will be greatly reduced.

It is good to know that by the residents association highlighting the situation to Councillor Martin Garner and Senior Officers at the council that the car park will hopefully be a better place to leave your vehicle, and that it will make the northern gateway to the city more pleasing to the eye when driving into the potteries.

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