Goldenhill Scouts Help Local Pensioners

Goldenhill and Tunstall Scouts are helping pensioners in Albany Street, Goldenhill to have their front gardens spruced up.

The project is to take place on Saturday 21st June between 9.30 a.m. & 11.30 a.m. where the Scouts, Cubs & Beavers are to clean board panels under windows, sweeping pathways as well as doing some weeding and litter picking.

Tony Porter, Scout Leader along with his assistant Julie approached S.A.G.E. for a worthwhile suggestion of where their help would be most needed, and it was agreed this project would be the best in respect to supporting the older residents in our community.

After S.A.G.E. members Anna Beck & Tom Simpson met up with the community in Albany Street, it was said residents are very excited at the prospect of young people wanting to help older people who are less able bodied to do the work for themselves.

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