Anne Street Potholes in Desperate Need of Repair

The residents association has been asking the City Council for the past 2 years to address the issue of repairing road potholes in Anne Street, Goldenhill.

The area is next to Goldenhill Medical Centre and Co-op Pharmacy, and it has been identified that not only is it bad for motorists to drive over, but also dangerous for pedestrians who have to walk across the road/car park to visit the amenities.

The main problem to having the road surface repaired has been who is responsible at the council to have the work done. It appears the land comes under council housing, but road surfaces come under Highways.

The good news is that Councillor Martin Garner has taken the issue up for S.A.G.E. and has passed it onto the Cabinet Member who can address the problem. There is still no date to when the work is to be carried out, but we are sure someone from the council can inform us very soon of when it will take place.

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