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At the January Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Public Meeting, DHL agreed to forward contact details, so people could check for job vacancies at the Tunstall “JCB World Logistics Site.”

Mr Carr representing DHL at the meeting said, he would arrange to pass this information through the S.A.G.E. website, which we are now pleased to do.

If you are actively looking for work, and would like to check for job vacancies at DHL or apply for a job, then please use the contact details below.

Dan Carpenter, Staffline c/o DHL Supply Chain, JCB World Logistics, Lowlands Road, Newcastle under Lyme, ST6 4PY

Mobile: 07538 831 259, e-mail:

24 comments to JOB VACANCIES – JCB World Logistics Site

  • Dean Holding

    Hi just wondering if there are any class 1 jobs available thanks

  • Harry williams

    Is there any jobs available for non drivers?

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Harry,
    You will need to use the contact details to contact Dan Williams.

  • Brenden Chang

    Is their any jobs vacancies for non drivers at this moment.

  • Tom Simpson

    There are general warehouse, picking and admin jobs available, there is also a contact phone number 07538 831 259.
    There are other job vacancies as well in the area if you click on the “Local Jobs” tab at the top of the page. Good Luck!

  • Kurt scully

    Are there still any warehouse jobs available?

  • Hello i am looking 7.5 work i have a clean hgv licence full cpc digital card . can start asap THANKS A.FEARN.

  • morning my name is mr williams . i am a van driver and i deliver to all the jcb depots . i am already self employed and a limited company. im hoping in the future i can join your team of van drivers . i know dave grant and tony thanks mr williams

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Mr Williams,
    Could I suggest you contact Dan Carpenter, Staffline c/o DHL Supply Chain, JCB World Logistics, Lowlands Road, Newcastle under Lyme, ST6 4PY, mobile: 07538 831 259, e-mail: because I believe he will be the best person to steer you in the right direction for employment.
    Good luck.

  • thank you tom i will give him a call .

  • Tom chevin

    Are the jobs at job logistics still available?

  • Tom Simpson

    Tom, for more details at DHL (Staffline) & to apply for a job, contact Dan Carpenter, Mobile 07538 831259, e-mail Good luck!

  • What a joke this place is 4 hour testing see if you can drive.out of 10/ 1

  • Matthew Smith

    I’m looking for work and would like to join your team. I have an engineering degree, and is looking to expand my skills and meet new challenges

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Matthew, please contact Dan Carpenter to advise of your interests to join the company. There details are as follows Mobile: 07538 831 259, e-mail:
    Good luck.

  • Joanne

    Staffline no longer recruit for jcb world logistics I contacted him. Single resource are now the agency that recruits for them. But you apply with them even though you have the experience you never hear back from them. I would like the contact details of the DHL manager if possible who you can contact because you get nowhere with the agency.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Joanne,
    Unfortunately I am unable to give a direct contact to a DHL Manager at the site, but I have now spoken to Single Resource about your situation without a name, and they have now given me a separate contact tel no to speak to them more direct, which is 01782 826037.
    Hope this helps, and good luck with the job hunting.

  • Lindsey Williams

    hi Dan carpenter my name is Mr Williams i am working for jet express at the moment . i am self employed registered limited company .i believe you have got rid off some couriers . i no all your drivers well if you are looking for a van driver i would like to join your team . and i live in tunstall one mile from world logistics . hope to hear from you soon thank you Mr Williams contact number 07867777873

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi LIndsey,
    You need to speak to Gemma Mailey at “Single Resource” Tel 01782 826037, e-mail who are the agency for JCB.
    Good luck in respect to finding work.

  • Kelly

    Hi could you advise if you do work experience placements ?
    My son is after a business/ accounts place.
    Kind regards Kelly heath.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Kelly,
    I suggest you contact Gemma Mailey, Tel 01782 826037, e-mail to find out more information.
    Thanks for contacting Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association.
    Good Luck!

  • Tom

    Hi. Can I have any contact number to a person who can help me with a possibility to transfer class 1 dhl class 1 driver from a diffrent site in Stoke to yours.thanks

  • Hi just wondering if there were any jobs going on for LL time got no qualifications but willing to learn looking for job sandyford

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