Playground Refurbishment by McDonald’s Staff

McDonald’s staff from the High Street, Sandyford restaurant, along with Sandyford & Goldenhill residents association are in preparation to smarten up  much loved play equipment.

The Ridge Road play area in Sandyford has for some time been in need of a repaint, along with the football pitch goalposts.

After the deterioration of equipment was highlighted by local children, it was discussed by the S.A.G.E. residents committee and Tony Meredith, Council Volunteer Co-ordinator to see if the problem could be addressed.

Mr Meredith on behalf of the council agreed to co-ordinate the event as well as donating paint for the play equipment, and Councillor Martin Garner decided to purchase paint for goalposts out of ward budget money for the project.

The playground equipment painting is to take place on Monday 29th June at 10.00 am. weather permitting at Ridge Road Park.

Everyone is welcome to come along and join in with McDonald’s staff should they have the time to spare.

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