Churchill China Celebrates Success

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Public Meeting 10.09.15

At the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Public Meeting on Thursday, Churchill China came to talk to local residents at Goldenhill Community Centre.

Churchill China’s David Plant, General Manager & Mark Meaney, Works Manager gave a presentation to celebrate it’s companies continuing success.

Mr Plant gave some background to where Churchill’s are at the moment in respect to developments over the next few months, he also gave some history of the company by advising it was founded in 1795, and has developed further over the years.

Residents were informed that 15 million pieces of work are produced at the factory during the year, and they specialise in the hospitality area. It was further reported that Churchill produce high quality and durable tableware so their products are made to last.

The meeting was told the company distributes goods to seventy countries across the world, and employs 560 staff of which 120 are employed within a five mile radius of the company.

It was said Churchill China invests over a million pounds into the factory each year as more machinery is required to cater for new shapes & designs, it was also said the company took on fifty additional staff over the summer period. Churchill China also invest heavily into the U.K. and Stoke on Trent, and things are looking positive for the future. Mark Meaney, Works Manager reported that the factory is growing and demand is high.

Residents were informed that an extension is to be built at the rear of the factory, which is to take place around October 2015, and will take approximately twenty weeks to complete. Mr Meaney added that the area is 2,000 square metres at a cost of 1.4,000,000, which shows Churchill’s commitment to the local area.

It was said the extension will join two parts of the factory together, which will make one complete manufacturing area. It was further reported the company will be using a local building contractor to do the work. David Plant said that Churchill China is hoping to create new jobs through the expansion of the company.

A resident congratulated Churchill’s in respect to their commitment to the area, which the comments proved popular with residents who attended the meeting.

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