Former Goldenhill Golf Course Triggers Debate at Public Meeting

Former Goldenhill Golf Course

Councillor Jack Brereton, City Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Heritage attended a Public Meeting hosted by Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association on Thursday evening, which attracted 80 people.

The councillor said the former golf course is an important issue, potted interest over the years, antisocial behaviour on site, not being used “we need to do something with the land,” especially if it can be used for leisure use.

Councillor Brereton went onto say, the issue has been to the board and we need to get the land back into use, it has also been agreed through a clear direction that it should be used for leisure or golf activity.

Jack Brereton commented, I am pleased to say an expression of interest in the land to become a golf course again has been made, and progress should be known in the next few weeks or months. Councillor Brereton explained that people are interested in the land, especially reputable golf course organisations, and added if it happens then it would be a positive story for Goldenhill.

A lady at the meeting said she believes the land cannot be used as a golf course, there is nothing to do for young people in the area. The lady went onto say, use the land for a BMX bike track, extend the allotments “food growing” there is enormous potential for this land.

Another resident mentioned having fishing on the land “big business” or a nature reserve.

A member of S.A.G.E. said the land is not playable as a golf course, why not sell part of it and reinvest in the area e.g. make a recreational park, 9 hole golf course, a pool so the area can regenerate its own money.

Councillor Jack Brereton explained that the site has been explored for golf course use, you don’t want development on green space areas.

It was confirmed at the meeting that it costs £30,000 per year to maintain the area; Councillor Brereton said that is why we need alternative use for the land.

A resident at the meeting commented that there is nothing in Goldenhill; Councillor Brereton responded by saying, save on sites like the former golf course, then you can spend more effectively elsewhere.

Councillor Jack Brereton informed residents that butters john bee has marketed the site for use with five expressions of interest being shown, which is now down to three and are all for golf course use.

4 comments to Former Goldenhill Golf Course Triggers Debate at Public Meeting

  • Why not build a retirement village, everywhere else is investing in their older citizens why not Stoke North.

  • jo blogs

    At the minute its used for dog owners to leave mess everywhere, this happens on a daily basis tgroughout the day

  • Tom Simpson

    It seems there is strong interest from a party who are hoping to return the site back into a golf course. The unfortunate problem with irresponsible dog owners is that they will allow their dogs to foul elsewhere when the land goes back into use.

  • If the residents use the land for recreation unhindered at this present time, such as dog walking, rambling, ball games etc. Then the question i would be asking given the ruling in a recent court case of R (Lewis) v Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council [2010], is if there is enough residents support for making an application to have this land registered as a village green.

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