McDonald’s “They’re Love in it”

McDonald’s is to reopen its Sandyford, Tunstall branch tomorrow, Tuesday 20th September at 10.30 a.m. The store has gone through a refurbishment since closing it’s doors earlier this month.

It is presumed customers to the restaurant would welcome the improvements made, which include internet access tablets for visiting customers as well as being able to order food and drinks through onsite computers, which save time when ordering.

Customers to the restaurant will still be able to order food/drinks in the usual way by going to the service counter, so all is not lost.

2 comments to McDonald’s “They’re Love in it”

  • k taylor

    called in hear at lunch time for a couple of burgers couldnt hear the assistant but finally made the order paid for it got to the window can you go wait over there sir like a load of other drivers eventually was passed the meal and drove home only to find it wasnt my meal only one burger but charged for two tried to ring them all afternoon but no one answerd not happy at all is this the norm for this outlet

  • Tom Simpson

    If you would like to contact myself Tom Simpson, Secretary of the residents association through entering your contact details by opening the “contact us tab” at the top of the page then I will personally ask the Manager, McDonald’s, Sandyford to speak with you direct about the problem. The restaurant staff are usually very helpful in resolving any problems customers have. Please note that when entering information on the “contact us tab” it will only show up between yourself and the person receiving the e-mail. I trust to hear from you soon.

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