Tears of a Clown

Staffordshire Police wish to reassure everyone, of the Force’s determination to deal with individuals who are intent on acting in an anti-social manner, and will act swiftly and proportionately to the increasing number of reported incidents.

The police say they are also aware of significant social media activity that is fuelling this so called ‘killer clown’ craze, and are  encouraging families and friends to stop liking and sharing any Facebook pages that publicise the unwarranted clown antics and any planned activities.

Every time these sites are ‘shared’ or ‘liked’, it encourages more people to become involved in this unwanted and unacceptable activity.

Chief Superintendent Martin Evans of Staffordshire Police said “while some people might view the current craze of inappropriate incidents involving clowns as funny, unfortunately some people are using it as an opportunity to threaten and intimidate others including children. The Chief Superintendent went onto say,  this is certainly not acceptable and is something that will not be tolerated.

Staffordshire Police want to make it clear they do not want to stop people having fun, but rather them wanting to protect communities from those who have sought to use this craze as an opportunity to threaten and intimidate people”.

It has been reported that clown activity is due to take place in the Goldenhill and Sandyford part of Stoke on Trent this weekend so residents need to be vigilant at all times.

Anyone who sees any suspicious or unwanted clown activity, or who has been intimidated or upset by such inappropriate behaviour, should call Staffordshire Police immediately on 101.



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