Who Remembers Goldenhill Police Station

Goldenhill Police Station

It is hard to believe that in times when Tunstall and Stoke have recently lost their police stations that Goldenhill pictured right used to have one as well.

Joe Smith, ex Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Chairman who is now in his eighties used to be our local “Bobby” who was stationed there for many year’s.

It goes to show how fortunate residents were back then to have the luxury of easily popping in to a local police station on our very own doorstep.

If anyone has any stories or memories of the police station or policing relating to Goldenhill/Sandyford then please let us have your comments for everyone to read.

4 comments to Who Remembers Goldenhill Police Station

  • Angela Eren

    I don’t remember the police station but my uncle was also a “Bobby on the beat” on Goldenhill many years ago has name was Graham Clowes & I believe folk on the Hill called him “Darkie” as his skin colour was dark . Just wondered if anyone remembered him

  • Tom Simpson

    Speaking to Joe Smith who was also a policeman at Goldenhill Police Station says that he remembers Graham “Darkie” who worked not only at Goldenhill but also Tunstall and Burslem police stations as well.
    Joe and his wife Joyce said they knew Graham and his wife Margaret very well, and that Graham was very ambitious in his career to get on in the police force and in later year’s he became a Sergeant.

  • Angela Eren

    Yes that’s right Tom when he retired he was an inspector in the police force. Unfortunately my Uncle Graham passed away in 2005 but my Auntie Margaret is still with us & she still attends “The Gateway Methodist church” on Goldenhill regularly.

  • Tom Simpson

    Graham did really well to reach the rank of Inspector, I am sure policing was a lot different then than it is now; Joe Smith confirms that it is. It is also nice for people to read our comments and of course to see Goldenhill Police Station how it was.

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