Air Ambulances Called after Man in his 20’s is Seriously Injured in Road Traffic Accident

A man who was in collision with a car yesterday afternoon was taken to the Royal Stoke Hospital after suffering serious head and chest injuries.

The incident took place near to Goldenhill Community Centre where it has been reported the man was in his early to mid 20’s.

Two air ambulance helicopters were on standby after landing on nearby Ridge Road Park area where residents were taken by surprise after witnessing the situation.

The main High Street between Sandyford and Goldenhill was closed off until late evening where traffic diverted itself between the Broadfield Road estate and the Ridge Road estate.

There has been many reports of speeding vehicles throughout this stretch of road, but an eye witness to the incident has confirmed there were no issues of speeding vehicles at the time of this accident.

First reports confirm that the gentleman is really poorly, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed that he pulls through the situation okay.

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