Ruth Smeeth Re-elected as Member of Parliament for Stoke North & Kidsgrove

Ruth Smeeth has been re-elected as Labour Member of Parliament for Stoke on Trent North & Kidsgrove.

It has been confirmed that Ruth Smeeth, Labour Candidate for the ward won the seat with a 2,359 majority over her nearest rival Ben Adams representing the Conservative Party.

The result for the constituency is as follows,

Ruth Smeeth, Labour Party 21,272

Ben Adams, Conservative Party 18,913

Richard Whelan, Liberal Democrats 916

Douglas Rouxel, Green Party 685

4 comments to Ruth Smeeth Re-elected as Member of Parliament for Stoke North & Kidsgrove

  • Mr. William Clowes

    Regarding the Tower Blocks. A lot people want to leave these blocks now.
    The Prime minister is prepared to do whatever it takes to make them safe. A quick temporary answer is Fire Wardens. They were used a lot during the wars.
    They could be used 24/7 and set up quickly, at least until the Towers are made safe.

  • Tom Simpson

    Your comments will be forwarded to Councillor Martin Garner so he can pass your suggestion onto Stoke on Trent North & Kidsgrove M.P. Ruth Smeeth.

  • K. Sandirasegaram

    Please ask our MP Ruth not to make adverse statement s against Labour on national TV or Radio because we have now started to campaign for election of a Labour Government. I am a long standing member of our party. Thanks

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi K. Sandirasegaram
    Unfortunately, Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association is a non political organisation, and are unable to get involved in political advice to any politician or party.
    I trust you are able to understand our position in this matter, although I am sure Ruth Smeeth’s office will see your message on our website as I am sure they do frequent it from time to time.
    Many thanks.

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