Sandyford Street Names “Where Did They Come From”

Ridge Road, Sandyford

It is nice to throw a light on how street names came to be, and on this occasion it is the Sandyford Estate behind McDonald’s.

A gentleman named Mr Wignall (Wignall Road) was a builder who built the majority of the estate, and he had two daughters, one named Maureen (Maureen Avenue) and another named Sandra (Sandy Road). It is not known how Ridge Road got it’s name, but it is believed it is because it is on a slight ridge, hence the name.

A gentleman named Russell Bates was the builder who built the houses in Russell Road and Russell Place hence their names.

Unfortunately, there is no history to tell us how Whalley Drive and Henshall Place got their names, so if anyone out there knows how, then please let us know.


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  • Tom Simpson

    Joe Smith, ex Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Chairman & his wife Joyce say that Shelford Road on the estate used to be named “Stuart Road”; does anyone know how either of the road’s got their name?

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