The ABCD Awards 2019



The ABCD Awards for 2019 are looking to have nominations for residents who give that little bit extra to their community.

If you know of anyone who does then please enter your nominations before Monday 2nd September.



2 comments to The ABCD Awards 2019

  • M. Shaw

    I’d like to nominate Connie Nixon
    This woman always does so much for her community never takes but always gives no matter how she’s feeling she always goes above and beyond nit jyst for the children but for adults too. Since meeting this lady she has helped both me and my children endlessly and we don’t even live on her estate for example I suffer really really bad with anxiety and depression I’ve never left my house without my son to go town to shop or to do the weekly shop but since meeting her I’ve been able to leave the house to go to the local shop. She gives so much hope and inspiration to people and never asks for anything in return. The woman really is amazing and I’m so glad that she is in mine and my children’s lives and we’d be lost with out her. She never gets the recognition that’s soley deserves and that why I’d like to nominate her

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi M.Shaw, could I suggest you contact either Linda Davies on 01782 238969 or Michael Lockett on 01782 235783 to officially nominate Connie Nixon.
    Many thanks.

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