Former Goldenhill Golf Course – What Next?

Former Goldenhill Golf Course, Stoke on Trent

Since it was reported that the former golf course at Goldenhill is not to return to it’s former use, due to the Birmingham based golf company withdrawing interest, it is now left to the council to come up with alternative leisure use for the site.

The council has asked Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.) to see if they can come up with any suitable leisure use at the location.

After S.A.G.E. recently met up at it’s last committee meeting, it believed the site would be more suited to use it as a camping and caravan site where tourists to Stoke on Trent could stay when visiting e.g. the Potteries, Trentham Gardens, Alton Towers or Jodrell Bank.

Goldenhill is renowned for it’s countryside views, where the site looks over to Newchapel and Mow Cop Castle, and if the holiday location went ahead then it would be a first for Stoke on Trent, and not forgetting the business it would bring to the city.

The residents association has also mentioned to the council that the location could also be used for outdoor activity pursuits, which would also offer alternative use for the land.

S.A.G.E. has been advised by the council that use for the former golf club site is due to be discussed in the New Year.

12 comments to Former Goldenhill Golf Course – What Next?

  • As a Caravanner and resident of Sandyford I think that the golf course is in a good location for a caravan site with great views .
    However I’m not sure that the local area has enough to attract enough caravanners to sustain one, people tend to go for more rural locations with local restaurants and Cafes and Country Pubs , or Coastal locations .
    The area does have some plus points though like decent walking areas and Industrial history to visit so maybe it could work .

  • Philip Beard

    So this is all that sage can come up with a CARAVAN and camping site lets hope it does not rain much then,caravans will sink tents will float away giving the travellers a site to take over, please help.

  • Janine

    As resident in goldenhill living directly opposite the golf course, I doubt very much the council would fund the money to make it into a good caravan site. As it is, they would be using most of the money to dig cars and caravans out of the boggy wasteland. I think the idea is good but there would have to hard standing pitches for caravans and tents, pathways/roads and electric hook ups.The lakes would be good for fishing and the golf house turned into a cafe/club area. It would need to managed correctly and ensured not to cause any disturbance to the residents in the neighbourhood as we have put up with enough already. It’s good the council are still working on the bridal path and continuing to complete.

  • Peng

    So this is all that sage can come up with a CARAVAN and camping site lets hope it does not rain much then,caravans will sink tents will float away giving the travellers a site to take over, please help.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi, SAGE take on board your comments, but whoever comes to the location must fund it for themselves (council will not pay), and it must be a leisure activity. If anyone does have any other suggestions then please let us know, we need to come together on this. Thanks for your input.

  • Peng

    Yes I have a suggestion and seeing that the council will not be putting money into it even though the so called bridle path is coming out of there purse complete the fencing off but allow access to walkers and the like it will be a great nature reserve and a place for local people to enjoy as you say leisure activity,open up the old golf club house maybe a cafe or something like that,I’m sure that the local wildlife would enjoy it.People already love to walk across there and after all people are always being told to keep fit can’t think of a nicer way to do it.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi, thank you for your suggestion, this has been mentioned previous, but the problem is that if the council allow it to be a nature reserve, they will do nothing to maintain it because a nature reserve is to be left alone for nature to take it’s own course.
    The other problem is that whilst it is left as it is, it is left open to off road bikers, travellers and other antisocial behaviour.
    This situation has been a tricky one for sometime, and needs to be addressed, and that is why SAGE mentioned a caravan & camping club as well as an outdoor activity centre.
    Again, thank you for your suggestion, but the council has made it clear about not having it as a nature reserve, but please note, if there was plenty of money to go around as in before the financial crash in 2008, then SAGE would fully support your idea.

  • Janine

    After having a really good think about this, I think a caravan site is a really bad idea. I agree if not properly run and maintained it could cause a wide range of issues. What ever it becomes it will need to be manned 24/7 due to the issues we are already experiencing. What i would like to know is how much money has it has cost over the last five years in policing, fire, security (who may I add got out of a car each night and took a photo on a mobile phone) rather than securing the golf course to stop the ASB. We need to do something for the children who are involved in gangs and county lines. Giving people something enjoyable to do. It would be good as a standon Bowers or go ape. Activity centres, bear grills. Animal rescue with a cafe and activities. Use the lake for fishing. There could still be a driving range which is popular with golfers. There is so much which can be done but i feel any investors are put off as the council and police have never acted on concerns raised.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Janine,
    As you have mentioned about having e.g. a Standon Bowers/Activity Centre on site; we have already put this forward to the council for an outdoor activity pursuits centre at the location, and probably that would be a suitable way forward, All we need now is for somebody to come up with the cash to start one up.
    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

  • Mell Ney

    It was a golf course let’s put it back to golf course and get are children outside in fresh air let’s give are children a chance to learn golf

  • Tommy

    Can somebody please give me an update as to what is happening with this gold course?
    Its rotting away and its an essential area for children and adults to use otherwise it will be another area that will be sold to the highest fat cat businessman making a whooping profit by digging it all up and putting on it when it has such scenic views.

  • Tom Simpson

    The residents association is continually chasing up the redevelopment of this land and same as you we are eager to get it used for e.g. recreational use.
    SAGE has been advised that the land is unsuitable for building on, and it is in the middle of a green belt area so it is very unlikely it can be used for anything else.
    Hope this helps with an update.

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