Tunstall Toilet “Incovenience”

A month ago visitors to Tunstall were told that toilets in the town centre were open for public use.

It is clear that since the information was reported that only the female toilet is in use with the men’s toilet still closed. Shoppers visiting the gent’s toilet when a council employee is present are being told that the female toilet is now unisex.

It is evident there is no signage stating the toilet is unisex, and when shoppers are being advised to male/female “mix & match” then it is uncomfortable for some users to find it acceptable.

It is obvious that if an employee is on site that it is surely acceptable to keep both toilet areas open.

It has been reported that a similar situation happened at Hanley’s indoor market and upon complaints being received from shoppers to the council, it has now been rectified and both toilet areas are open.

It appears yet again that residents in the north of the city are complacent and do not wish to complain about the situation. If anyone reading this article believe it is unfair and discriminative to favour one of the sexes against the other then you can e-mail the council  at caroline.blurton@stoke.gov.uk

3 comments to Tunstall Toilet “Incovenience”

  • Michael Daniels

    The council tried the same thing in the shopping centre in Hanley. There was such an outcry about it, particularly in the Sentinel,that in the end the Council relented and agreed to open both male & female toilets. Looks like they are trying it on again.

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Michael,
    It would be helpful if you complained the same as I have to Caroline on the e-mail address shown in the article.

  • Michael Daniels

    Perhaps our local Councillor could sort it out? There are many people, particularly elderly people and people who are out with young children, who do not like the idea of Unisex toilets.

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