“Nat West Bank Customers” Need to Read This

Nat West Bank reported that from the 19th November 2020, it was introduced that up to 7 transactions normally done at the counter would now have to be done using the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM).

One of these transactions was paying in funds of less than £250, which means customers below this cash denomination will not be in a position to receive counter service.

We know today that banking is changing, but this new way of paying in money at a bank is not convenient for all of it’s customers, especially those who are elderly in years.

Witnessing people making cash payments in Deposit Machines at the Stoke on Trent Hanley Branch is not to everyone’s taste as some of the customers are seen to be uncomfortable when doing this, and now they are being refused access to a counter service with a real person to talk to. There is nothing wrong in trying to encourage people to use and try new ways of working, but to refuse a counter one to one service is causing distress to some of its customers.

A customer of Nat West Bank has reported that an elderly lady could not recall her pin number and was struggling with her financial transaction to then being asked by the bank employee, would she like to do online banking. It has to be said that it appears that Nat West are passing this new type of robotic working down to shop floor workers and the personal touch to customers is now going out of the window.

Nat West do say that this way of working is because of Covid 19 and want customers in and out of the bank as quickly as possible, but this type of working was well in place prior to coronavirus. If Nat West Bank want people in and out of the bank quicker, then carry on the way you are and that way you will ensure more customers will close their accounts and go elsewhere.

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