Stoke on Trent Toilet Closures

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association representing its many residents have been asked to contact the council re not to close Stoke on Trent public toilets, including the one in Tunstall Town Centre.

Many residents, including the elderly in Sandyford/Goldenhill who suffer medical conditions requiring a toilet that shop in Tunstall and visit local parks have concerns about losing these facilities. It is mentioned by the council that toilets will be offered in the Town Hall, but after being advised by residents; they are still not happy not to have the easy access facility of stand-alone public toilets.

It is also important to note that changing/losing toilet facilities whether in a town or park will isolate elderly and vulnerable people from visiting such locations, and especially in the towns where business is suffering even more. It is worth noting that Hanley does have more toilet facilities on offer than any of the other five towns, which could move footfall to the city Centre at the expense of e.g. Tunstall.

Further comments received from residents are that the change in toilet facilities in all areas across the city would encourage urination in alternative places not fit for purpose.

Residents say that to lose such an important facility in Stoke on Trent parks and towns at a cost of £79,000 is a small price to pay to keep people mobile knowing a public convenience is nearby.

The residents association has contacted the council to ask them to reverse their decision not to close public toilets as well asking the M.P. & Councillor for their support in this matter.

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