Self-driving cars could be on our roads this year

The self-driving technology – known as Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) – aims to make driving safer and easier. But insurance experts are expressing concerns.

In April, the government announced that cars with self-driving technology could be on our roads later this year.

The self-driving systems it’s referring to are Automated Lane Keeping Systems or ALKS. These are automated systems that can take control of a vehicle at low speeds.

The Association of British Insurers and Thatcham Research have questioned the government’s decision. They say that the systems aren’t fully self-driving, but only assist drivers.

This could put drivers as risk, as when an ALKS is enabled drivers might assume that the vehicle is fully in control of itself.

ALKS are designed to make driving safer and easier, but are UK roads ready for them. If it were to happen then would Stoke on Trent roads be in a position to accommodate this new technology?

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