Future Plans for Former Goldenhill Golf Course

Former Goldenhill Golf Course

The City Council has confirmed that suggestions of the former golf course at Goldenhill could be sold off to business is untrue. The local authority says that the land is unsuitable for building redevelopment, and it is in the middle of a green belt area so it is very unlikely it can be used for such a proposal.

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association has now been advised that the former golf course is to remain in council ownership, and they are looking at having football pitches at the location as well as considering other options to further recreational activity in the north of the city.

2 comments to Future Plans for Former Goldenhill Golf Course

  • Gillian Price

    That sounds good

  • Dean Brooke

    They should resurrect the club, not as a golfing club, but downsize the operation and bring it back as a general social club + community space + cafe and so forth.

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