Construction Work Update – James Brindley Way

Caddick who are constructing the new development on James Brindley Way, Sandyford have contacted the residents association with an update on future works at the location.

The contractor has reported they have had a slow start to the development due to recent wet weather conditions before Christmas, and with an improvement in the forthcoming weather; they will be working throughout the day for the next four Saturday’s to catch up with lost time.

Caddick have confirmed the Saturday weekend working will not consist of any heavy sounding noise as in past “piling” during the suggested four Saturday workings.

It is good to remember that Caddick are to update residents regularly through Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association social media pages of and Facebook.

2 comments to Construction Work Update – James Brindley Way

  • SD

    I would like to say despite a lot of residents in the area saying they have heard so much noise etc. That we live on the Brindley village estate, we can see the diggers from our upstairs windows however we haven’t really heard too much so, maybe you haven’t worked too much this side yet and I will regret saying this (lol) but I think you’ve all been great so far and even though you have to use the bypass to access the site the traffic hasn’t bee affected as of yet which I expected it to. I’m sure it’s going to get busier now but so far you’ve all been great

  • Tom Simpson

    Thank you for your response, and it is good that Caddick are keeping Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) updated through our social media pages. Let’s hope you are right that noise reduction is kept to a minimum where possible.

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