Tribute to Queen Elizabeth 2nd

For the residents who were unable to attend the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Public Meeting on Thursday evening at Goldenhill Community Centre; the following was read out by Tom Simpson, Secretary, who gave tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

On behalf of residents, residents association and our guests here tonight, I would like to convey our sadness of losing Queen Elizabeth 2nd a week ago today.

I am sure that most of us here tonight can only remember the Queen as being our Head of State, which she broke all records by reigning on the throne for over 70 years.

As we know over recent months there has been a lot of political turmoil, but the Queen has always raised herself from getting involved and keeping her neutrality at all times.

We now have a new King and Prime Minister, and it is now that we as residents in Sandyford & Goldenhill, our neighbours in Stoke on Trent as well as the rest of the United Kingdom should work together as one to better where we live, and to carry on the good work which Queen Elizabeth would have wanted us to do.

The Queen visited Stoke many times, and in 1973 opened Hanley Forest Park and in 1986 she officially opened the National Garden Festival which is now Festival Park. The Queen also visited Bradeley Village, which as we know is a sheltered housing village not far from here.

We can also remember when the Queen came to visit Sandyford’s Churchill China over 25 years ago, and the children from local schools lined the street’s waving and cheering when she drove past, although the day was very cold for everyone waiting to see her, but it was warming to see a Queen coming to visit us in a local setting.

On a personal note, I can say along with my son Craig who is here tonight that it was a privilege that we were invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace where the Queen and Prince Philip were the hosts, and it will be a day we will both never forget.

Everyone was asked to stand for a minutes silence to show respect for a Queen; who has served us as Head of State for the past 70 years.

Everyone stood for a minute’s silence before the national anthem was played.

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