Winter Driving

At this time of year, the weather can shift dramatically from clear morning skies to dark rainy afternoons which is why it is important to ensure you know the weather forecast to plan your journey and to avoid any unnecessary traffic due to roads being flooded. Due to the heavy rain we experienced on Thursday 24th November many roads including main roads such as Turnhurst Road and Ford Green Road became flooded which is a risk to road users and pedestrians, As winter approaches the weather may get worse with heavy showers, ice or snow so it is especially important to ensure that you and your vehicle are prepared to drive in these conditions.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you drive safe in these conditions: Ensure your vehicle tyres are road worthy, including the tyre tread depth (legal limit 1.6mm) and tyre pressure. Ensure your wipers (front and rear) and working as well as your heater to defrost your windows from ice and demist the inside, Ensure you drive to the speed limit and slow down if the weather conditions are affecting your visibility and driving. Give extra room to the vehicle in front of you and allow extra time for braking. Plan your journey and only travel when it is essential if the road conditions are hazardous (flooded, ice, snow).

There are many resources out there that can give further advice if you are unsure about driving in the upcoming road conditions through these winter months it is better to arrive late rather than not at all, remember to drive safe everyone!

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