New Trees Vandalised For No Reason

New trees with money donated by local business developers have been vandalised just weeks after being planted. The damaged trees are on the edge of the old golf course down Colclough Lane next to where new saplings have been planted. It was further said one of the saplings was ripped out and support stakes have been removed as well as a number of them are now bent over to the ground.

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) is appalled at what it sees as unacceptable behaviour when all we want to do is to better the area where we live.

The residents association can confirm that prompt action by the City Council’s Streetcare & Greenspace Team are going out there today to try and save the trees from dying.

If you do see any antisocial behaviour taking place then please contact the police a.s.a.p. Please Note! We as a residents group are always looking for members to join our team to help us better the area where we live.

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