Remember To Wear Your Seat Belt “Every Trip”

Staffordshire Police say you may not realise it, but this year is very special when it comes to seat belts as it’s 40 years since it became legal for all drivers to wear a seat belt.

Although most people wear a seat belt for every trip, there are still a small number of people who don’t, or who think they’re not at risk on a short familiar route, so we’re promoting the “Every Trip” campaign to encourage everyone to wear a seat belt when travelling in a vehicle, no matter how short the journey.

Last year more than 800 people were found travelling in a vehicle in Staffordshire without wearing one. The majority of these seat belt offences, 686, were committed by the driver, and 91% of these drivers were men.

Unfortunately, you never know what might happen on your journey, and if you’re involved in a crash you’re twice as likely to die if you’re not wearing a seat belt. A seat belt is designed to keep you in your seat, and prevent or reduce injuries suffered in a crash.

A passenger not wearing a seat belt can be thrown forward and may injure other people in the car, as well as themselves. If the collision happens at 30mph they will hit the front seat, and anyone in it, with a force of 30 to 60 times their own body weight.

As well as the safety dangers, drivers and passengers can also face an on the spot fine of £100 for not wearing a seat belt and this can increase to a maximum of £500 if prosecuted.

Drivers also have a responsibility to make sure any children under the age of 14 are wearing a seat belt, or are in an appropriate child seat if they’re up to 12-years-old or 135 centimetres tall. You can check if you have the correct seat for your child here.

By belting up every time you’re in a vehicle you’re helping to keep everyone in your car safer, as well as other road users.

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