What you can do about “Tailgating Drivers”

The best way to deal with a tailgater is to let them pass. 

You might think about tapping your brakes but this probably won’t deter a tailgater. It’s also dangerous.

If you think the driver is driving aggressively while tailgating you, this is an example of dangerous driving. 

You can make a mental note of the number plate and send it to the police’s non-emergency number which is 101. Or you could report it by email to your local police force. 

Alternatively, if you have dashcam footage, you can submit it to the police through the Nextbase website

Some tailgaters are trying to intimidate drivers to move out of their way, but others don’t realise they’re doing it. So changing lanes safely, or pulling over to let them pass, is often the best course of action. 

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