More Talks to Have “Motocross” on Goldenhill Golf Course

A meeting has taken place today between senior members of Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association, Councillor Chandra Kanneganti and the proposed developer of a new Motocross circuit on the former Goldenhill Golf Course.

The proposed Motocross developer told the meeting that to raise revenue for the venue they would hold events every other Sunday to begin with and a charge of £25 per rider would bring in around £1,250 to £3,750 per day on the motocross track, and around £100 to £300 on the pit bike track@ £15 to £20 per rider. It was further reported that on site catering and eventually merchandise would also bring in revenue. It was further reported it is hoped to hold events throughout the year with a mix of petrol and electric bikes, but realistically they would be held more so in the summer months.

The meeting went onto talk about noise control, and it was said by the developer that he could arrange decibel readings to be taken near each housing estate in the area prior to any agreement, which would give the community peace of mind. The resident’s association team and Councillor Kanneganti emphasised with agreement from the proposed developer that decibel readings would also be required from the City Council as well. When being asked where would the track be positioned, the proposed developer said it would be positioned in a dip which would keep the majority of the sound away from local properties.

The Motocross representative said if the development was to go ahead that an acoustic/noise bund would be erected and possibly plant trees around the track to further minimise the noise.

The councillor and residents committee talked about on site Health & Safety, which it was said there would always be a first aider at the location. It was further discussed about insurance cover as in accidents happening on the course, which it was reported there would be a waver form for riders to sign which would put the onus onto the rider.

On site security was also discussed, and it was said a palisade fence would be installed around the track with a gate at the entrance, also it is proposed to block off any other access to the site other than for horse riders, pedestrians and dog walkers.

The track entrance was also mentioned, and it was said it would come off Mobberley Road with a stone track, with a possible water and electric feed to site. The electric feed would be used for RV charging points for electric motocross bikes to be hired out on request as well as bringing in additional revenue.

Further questions asked by the resident’s association team and councillor was. How long would they envisage it would take to set up the scheme. It was mentioned it could take between 6 to 8 months.

What about local wildlife e.g. pools at the location. It was said the track would be kept away from the pools.

How many vehicles would the onsite carpark hold. It was reported it would hold from 50 to 150 vehicles.

What public toilet facilities would there be at the location. Initially there would be portable toilets on site, but eventually there would be a permanent toilet block built.

It was asked what time of day would such events take place. It was said between 10 a.m. and 3.00 p.m.

The councillor and residents association team listened to the proposal being made, and the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association, along with Councillor Kanneganti will discuss the matter further at it’s meeting next month to whether we support the proposal or not or to make further recommendations to the proposal being made.

The reason this lengthy article is being placed onto the website and Facebook page, along with Councillor Chandra Kanneganti’s Facebook page is for you to digest what is in the proposal and for you to place any comments you have in respect to your views on this matter.

28 comments to More Talks to Have “Motocross” on Goldenhill Golf Course

  • Ashley stockton

    I think this is a great idea! I don’t do motorcross but I’m allways happy to see someone doing something for the community and giving people things to do and places to go as there’s not much to do in or around stoke.

  • I think this is a dreadful idea what with the noise pollution disturbance to wildlife and traffic chaos along Mobberly Road

  • Jayden rodgers

    I think it’s a brilliant idea, old land that gets used by riders that shouldn’t be there anyway… it gets local riders and off the street and there is still plenty of land for wildlife and dog walkers, everybody is a winner

  • Concerned Resident

    Absolutly terrible idea.

    Regardless of the ponds being kept as they are, there will be a large impact on vegetation areas where loads of wildlife reside. Beyond that, the fumes and noise would be detrimental to remaining nearby areas of nature. We’re in the midst of an environmental crisis. Destroying more natural regions to create areas for more pollution is a very backwards idea. Beyond that, it would be disruptive to the residents. The noise, the pollution, the affects of the area being less accessible – an area widely used by horse riders, dog walkers, people going for exercise, picnics, taking their kids to fly kites – is terrible. By using valuable resources for one group, you are ruining an already available resources for several other groups.

    There were other tracks nearby. To my understanding, they are closed. Perhaps it should be investigated as to why other buisnesses failed before even considering this. If they were making £1250-£3750 a day, then why would they close? There are obviously reasons, so why spend all the time, effort and money destroying such a much loved, used and natural area, PAYING the person who wants to save money to make it happen? If this IS implimented, the contract should at least go to an independant contractor.

    As for the figures, £25 per rider. For the estimate of £1250 – £3750 a day, that’s 50-150 riders. I doubt the figures would reach anywhere near that (again, look at the other closed down areas)..and if they did, that’s a LOT of pollution/noise to cancel out – and a lot of traffic coming through a normally peaceful area, again causing disruption.

    I agree people should have places to do things, but this isn’t the place for this kind of activity. If needs must, find a patch of concreted waste land to utilise, instead of damaging what’s taken years for nature to develop.

  • Concerned Brindley Village Resident

    Absolutely not the right place to have it. It is a large plot of land agreed but it is surrounded on all sides by housing. No matter the ‘attempts’ to put in noise barriers and extra trees etc all I and everyone else would be able to hear from 10am -3pm (it would inevitably be all day) on a Sunday would be the noise of bikes. It would certainly bring house price down and put people off moving into area if they find out they’d be stuck with that noise every Sunday.
    My home is close to the area proposed and the thought of having to put up with the noise every week fills me with dread. My dog is also scared of motorbike noises so would be hiding for the whole day and very stressed.

    Please do not allow this development on the land!!

  • K Simpson

    Absolutely not. The noise heard on the Silverstone Estate from one ir two bikes is enough. Imagine 50 or more. Rediculous place to even think of putting this. Far too close to homes

  • Mobberley Road resident

    So because it’s done there illegally already means it’s OK to make it legal???

    I’m going start taking my car round there then and I two years I’ll apply to have a banger race track there if that’s how it works.

    It’s a terrible idea, the sound bund is a load of BS I used to hear the peacocks hay track and I live on Mobberley Road so he thinks he can stop the sound from the track in less than a mile? think on mate.

    The decibel testing is worthless how is he going to test that? every bike is different and if people are bringing there own bikes how does he know the sound from the bikes is going to be loud or quiet? He can’t so he’s going say he’ll use an average the what a about cumulative sound? Thirty bikes is alot loud then one.

    I’ll be at the meeting putting him through the paces and won’t be supporting the track on sandyford.

  • Sam

    This is an absmal idea.

    Peacock Hey Motorcross carried sound down to Tunstall High Street.
    The site should be repurposed as a nature reserve for local residents to enjoy

  • Ant Davies

    This should not be allowed to happen. The noise pollution from these bikes will be heard from all the surrounding estates and will devalue houses and will cause a nuisance with the constant noise. It is already bad enough with the illegal bikes already been rode down the greenway (cycle route number 5) and this will get even worse with people riding their bikes to get to the new moto Cross track down the public foot bath!

    Bad idea all round!

  • Macca david

    Absolutely brilliant idea stops all the idiots riding across fields where dog walkers are and racing around the streets on offroad bikes gives them a place to do this safely and monitored, let’s make it happen!

  • Another Mobberley road resident

    This is a terrible idea.
    This is going effect every housing estate surrounding the golf course. From kidsgrove, goldenhill and packmoor. As the crow flies peacocks hay is around 2 miles from the golf course and can be heard all around on a race day. When it’s on your doorstep the noise is going to be horrendous.
    I myself work shift and have to do nights every week, what have I got to do wait until they all go home so I can go to bed??
    The decibel readings are pointless you need 50-150 bikes down there to test it properly not just take an average.
    The idiots who illegally go on there now are not going to pay.
    If this goes ahead I will be putting my house up for sale.

  • Martin Jones

    I think it’s a great idea something is been done with the land no body want because of the last owner dumping waste on. It will be go for the kids and they can go on there bike with out them been taken off them. Goldenhill has got nothing left part from been a commercial village. So why not let the land be used and hire out the pools

  • Local resident

    As a local resident I believe this is an absolutely absurd idea. As another comment states the wildlife has taken years to evolve on the golf course and it would be a crying shame for this be ruined in a matter of months due to someone’s hobby which can be under taken on other tracks in the area that are not utilised. Even if the track was to be placed away from the ponds it will still have a vigorous impact on the other wildlife that is present on the course, bats rabbits foxes butterflies to name a few! The land behind marsh avenue has already been ear marked for redevelopment and if the track goes ahead we will lose more of our green space! I have read several comments that support the track on the assumption that this will “give the kids somewhere to go.” These comments are from people with very little knowledge of the motor cross industry and the the cost and commitment involved. As another has also stated the golf course at the moment is used by multiply people, horse riders, walkers, fishing, professional dog walkers and we would be taking all this away for a single use sport? The noise and traffic impact is a great concern of mine. How you can expect to take an accurate reading without having the correct amount of bikes actually on the course is ridiculous and shouldn’t even be accepted as a proper reading. If there were 50-150 bikes at a weekend on the track the majority of these bikes get transported in light commercial vehicle or 4x4s with trailers. Not only that when I have personally visited this sort of motorsport it’s not typically one vehicle per bike. There are visitors ect so more traffic than anticipated. How is the road infrastructure around the golf course supposed to be adequate for this? The noise from this would be terrible and I don’t believe people actually realise how far this will travel and will great impact many of the surrounding areas residents mental health and well being, along with our house prices. All these who support the idea of it maybe have a think on how much your house would depreciate living in the vicinity of this and ask your self are you willing to lose this amount due to one category of people wanting to forfil their hobby on your doorstep? I hear the one or two illegal crossers on the golf course now, they don’t bother me. However these are on there for a maximum of an hour and then gone. The times and days of a minimum 50 bikes would have an adverse effect on all surrounding areas more than what a lot think! Terrible idea and I will oppose all the way!

  • Jade whalley

    I think it’s a mint idea, stokes got hardly anything for kids these days an I think it would really help kids of all ages, keeps them out of trouble gives them something to look forward to a hobby other than being stuck on there computers or causing trouble on the estate with boredom, the golf course is massive I’m sure u can place it some where with out the noise being to bad, close at a reasonable time, this would benefit so many family’s x

  • Ellen

    This is a great idea, we need more things like this for people to go to.

  • Nathan smith

    I think this is a really good idea, I live local and I have seen the pros and cons of both sides of this, so my thoughts are the only negative is the noise but if that was reduced like he said he is going to try then I can’t see a problem also it’s only for one weekend every two weeks so I could put up with that knowing it’s doing some good.

  • Brindley

    My thoughts…
    * St Joseph’s are already asking for traffic calming measures and parking control on Mobberly Road. This will add to the traffic outside the school.
    * What’s putting potential buyers off in terms of returning the area into a driving range and golf course again?
    * I’m opposed to the idea for the noise alone. Constant drone noise. Now times that by 30 vehicles!
    * The pump track in Kidsgrove has attracted anti-social behaviour. Could this?
    * Is it an affordable activity for the people of the City? Children need to come off their devices but parents you can turn those devices off.
    * Disruption and noise affecting the school?

  • Damo and Mrs

    Terrible idea especially at a weekend! Putting the absolute racket it will create aside, People that actually work for an honest living need to enjoy their weekends walking their dogs or simply sitting outside in the peace and quiet. If it absolutely must be done there then make it during the day or evening on a working weekday instead. Give the workers what little time they have spare time to enjoy their days off.

  • Karl Morse

    Good idea but not the right place.

    Not only noise pollution, fumes and anti-social behaviour magnet for the local residents but also the neighbouring allotments. The noise would be unbearable and disrupt wildlife to the area.

  • Is there not a track by the old Line houses. I hear plent of motor bike noises coming from that area. We don’t need anymore noise pollution on the village. Bad idea. Leave the ground for nature and dig walkers and the Horse riding community. We need are green acres.

  • Eileen Hargreaves

    As a local resident I totally oppose this proposal. Definitely the wrong place.the noise alone would be unbearable.
    Please find a more suitable place ,away from a residential area
    We need more peace and quiet, in this stressful age that we’re living in .

  • Dawn

    So not every other Sunday that’s to begin with!! They will put in the middle of the golf course to reduce noise, that will echo even with sound reducing bumpers, so not only will they have a track that can take up to 150 motorbikes at a time!! they will also take more land to get to the track, parking for up to 150 vehicles where? Unless even more land is used to create bigger parking spaces or on the road as well, bearing in mind the vehicles will need be transported on trailers unless insured taxed and road legal, of course it will affect the wildlife the noise alone will startle the wildlife let alone the footfall of people in such large numbers. Then we’ve got pollution on top, have we not lost enough green areas? how much more do we need lose before local residents stand up and say no!!!!

  • Robert Hargreaves

    This should NOT be allowed to happen. I lived in Collins on road when peacock’s hay was in its heyday,I can assure you that the constant drone of bikes could be heard all Sunday long that was from two mile away so to have this on our doorstep would be unbearable! The traffic congestion is also a concern just yards from a school,houses.The disturbance of wildlife ie,badgers,foxes,rabbits, pheasant, buzzard .Do not let them kid you of any difference!

  • Robert Hargreaves

    This should NOT be allowed to happen. I lived in Collins on road when peacock’s hay was in its heyday,I can assure you that the constant drone of bikes could be heard all Sunday long that was from two mile away so to have this on our doorstep would be unbearable! The traffic congestion is also a concern just yards from a school,houses.The disturbance of wildlife ie,badgers,foxes,rabbits, pheasant, buzzard .Do not let them kid you of any different

  • Tommy taylor

    Brilliant idea, for the people moaning about the noise and kidsgrove pump track attracting antisocial behaviour is a completely different scenario.

    This would not just be somewhere people will just turn up on a evening, people spend thousands of pounds on motocross and 99% of the people it involves are very respectful people and would not be interested in riding there bikes on streets ect.

    Many of the people involved in the sport travel hours every weekend just to ride there bikes on a organised venue.

    My opinion is it’s a brilliant idea and there will be many people in the motocross community who will be happy to help with the development of the track.

    I own a small Groundwork’s company and would be happy to help where possible.

  • Dan Brown

    Fantastic idea!!

    Motocross is such a family sport, it teaches kids and adults both mental and physical discine.

    People spend thousands of pounds a year travelling the country for their children in the hope they make a career out of it.

    Research what motocross is before leaving silly comments that you have no idea about.

    This won’t be open every day or every weekend.

  • C

    Concerns this will create further issues on an already busy Reginald Mitchell Way. There are already daily racers and near misses without creating further need to access via this route.

  • Sophie robson

    Terrible idea – no matter what measures are put in place with the proposed 150 bikes the noise will be heard. The area is full of wildlife so what measures are going to be considered to support the wildlife? We have moved to a semi rural area where we have countryside around us for then it it to be filled with petrol and noise pollution. There is a functioning site close by – why not rent this out? It will drive house prices down in the area also.

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